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Monday, April 18, 2011

Travel time to the financial crisis – financial crisis, tourism, Bird's Nest – sports and leisur

With the financial crisis spread around the world, to the global economy has a certain impact, many countries, the devaluation of currencies, stock markets fell sharply. Compared with all the negative effects of the financial crisis has also brought some new hot spots. Since the relative appreciation of the renminbi, has brought a lot of outbound hot spots. Small countries like Iceland, the Nordic unexpectedly become a shopping paradise. It is reported that in 2006 the highest prices in Iceland called the world’s countries, then with the yuan’s exchange rate SEK about 8 to 1. The impact of the financial crisis and the current RMB exchange rate of ISK nearly 15 to 1, more than two years ago, nearly one-fold devaluation, the lowest number of goods anywhere in the world, such as duty-free shops at the airport to buy international brand cosmetics, price is quite the same product in other European countries 60%.

With the Australian dollar broke “five”, the euro broke “10″, the Australian tour, and European Tour The decline has reached 1,000 yuan / person as much as the Chinese people to Europe, Australia Travel Shopping should be much cheaper than in previous years. Strong spending power of some members of the public and even recently started scheduled New Year’s Day, Spring Festival of the Australian tour and European tour.

Australian dollar plummeted recently, only three months the Australian dollar against the yuan’s exchange rate from 6.64 down to 4.67 now, down as much as 29.57%. The rapid depreciation of the dollar, so ready to Macau on holiday recently picked up a great deal people. At this point the southern hemisphere, Australia is the spring tourist season. As the Australian dollar devaluation, tour some of the land access costs have reduced, but substantial increase in fuel surcharges this year, led to the current Australian line and not much change over the same period last year, about two or three thousand dollars or about 10,000. Of course, there are benefits tourists, local shoppers will greatly save costs, such as the famous camel wool in Australia, when compared with July, and now can spend less to buy a few hundred thousand RMB first.

Also affected by the financial crisis, Korean won depreciation, South Korea is now a good time to travel. You are pushing Dalian Korea Seoul, Jeju line every day, the price is only more than 4800 yuan. Won depreciation, it is a good time shopping in Korea. The line can have a honeymoon tour of Jeju Island, known, also to visit Seoul, South Korea’s presidential Blue House, the World Cup and so on, but also the world’s fifth visit to South Korea, Everland theme park. Most shop owners heart is less than a month, won more than 20% devaluation. That is 10,000 dollars to buy things in the past, now only 8,000 yuan, and the famous Korean fashion clothing jewelry and so attract many young people join the ranks of shopping.

The domestic market right now is low season, some took a significant dive tour routes, and in the stock market downturn, Travel In order to broaden customer base, has introduced price cuts puerile lines, many lines than the season traveling to provinces and a two thousand dollars.

Beijing tour is least affected by the sluggish stock market and the city, even Golden Week The most prosperous time, Flying six days the prices of pure play, but more than 2000 yuan. However, after the Golden Week visitors to Beijing are still high, so far, Beijing is still not the price of travel has fallen sharply, are still hovering around 1,900. Although the “benefit sharing” drop lower, but peak shifting to Beijing, but Beijing can avoid the huge flow of people, comfort is high. “Bird’s Nest”, and “Water Cube” can now also open to allow visitors to witness the shock of people on television at the Olympic Games.

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