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Friday, April 15, 2011

adobe 5 millions dollars

Our Services
General Construction and Renovation
Retail Construction Management
Project Management
Millwork Construction and Installation
Interior and Exterior Renovations
ICF installations

We provide the following
We are covered by WSIB
We carry 5 million dollar general insurance liability and,
We are a licensed general contractor company.

We have collective agreement with the Carpenters & Allied Workers Local 27
We meet and exceed all local and the national (and Ontario) building code.

The staffs at Adobe Construction Ltd. are well trained with many years of experience. Our tradesmen hold licenses in their respective trades along with countless seminars and courses. Our workers hold safety training tickets. When we take on your project, you can trust that they will be competent and proficient in all the aspects of their respective trade.

Adobe Construction Ltd. believes in the emphasis for safe work environment and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of project management. Our focus on safety is reflected in every project that we have managed in the past and present and will continue to do so.

The construction industry is fast changing with respect to permits and by-laws. The Provincial Government of Ontario and the Municipalities across Ontario are very determined today to ensure that all projects have the proper permits and paperwork in place.

The Province of Ontario governs the Municipalities through enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. The Province of Ontario has the authority to impose heavy fines and execute stop work orders. If you are not in compliant, the building inspector will come out to enforce the dismantlement of anything erected at your expense. Therefore, at Adobe Construction Ltd. compliance is a non negotiable issue!

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