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Friday, April 15, 2011 Promo Code 2010

10% off at check-out

Apply Promo Code: HiP

Visit and apply Dollar .com promo code Hip in the promo code section to the left of the home page after you fill out your reservation date and location. was founded in Los Angeles CA and has been around since 1965. has large fleet of vehicles available and 24-7 customer service. Our promo code is the best promo code on the net for car rentals. I have looked around and noticed that most promo codes are either expired or not valid.

We are happy to announce that our promo code Hip is current and will remain active and valid throughout 2010. Our Promo code is also resuable so feel free to reuse and share with your family and friends. Our rental car promo code Hip will also works for Just visit and repeat the same process as above and apply promo code Hip for a 10% discount. We hope you enjoy your savings with our rental car promo codes for and other top brands on our website.

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