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Friday, April 15, 2011

East Caribbean Dollar Rate

east caribbean dollar rate

China is colonizing Africa! What can we as American do about it?

Thanks to the heavy cost of U.S. tax, regulatory, and environmental policies, and tort laws, that have driven up the cost of domestic production (along with trade policies that favor the movement of U.S. manufacturers to China), the evil communist regime in Beijing now has hundreds of billions of dollars in cash to invest in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East (not to mention buying up plenty of key assets in the United States).

In order to continue its meteoric growth rate and advance its global political-military strategy, China is acquiring access to, and control of, much of the Third World mineral wealth, fishery wealth and sea lanes.

They have plans of driving US forces out of Africa through the use of both conventional and unconventional warfare. In order to fully control all of the African continent’s supply and rule the planet.

What can we do to stop their evil plans?

funny how the leftists always accuse america as being “imperialist”, while they let the chinese take over. not only with their policies, but with their chinese restaurants on every street corner in california.

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