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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finance Google

FinanceIt has been stated by the Federal Department of Finance and Deregulation that it is sketching the plans for improving the network infrastructure, so that the failure in its existing infrastructure can be tackled.

Also, it is planning for the future events like the gradual operation of an IP telephony/unified communications platform.

This was informed in the request for the tender documents, which was revealed this week. Finance unveiled that the corporate data network was based on its two datacenters, which were placed within the John Gordon Building in Barton in Canberra.

Finance explained that earlier, the data travelling by the internal network of the department was usually transferred through the redundant core in the John Gorton Building.

This, in turn made a “single point of failure” in the network and this threatened Finance with “an unacceptable outage of critical business processes”, in case the facility of John Gorton, collapses.

Finance intends to solve the problem by upgrading its network and tailoring the systems so that they can assist planned move of IP telephony/unified communications. This will support incoming standards like IPV6.

Finance added that a business case for wireless computing can possibly bud in the coming 3 years and that the network design and configuration should encompass provision for mobile access.

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