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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Buy Gold Coins and Bullion

A step-by-step approach to help you start right

Getting Started

Some complicate buying gold, but in reality it is a relatively simple process. The following guideline is the result of our experience helping thousands of investors make their initial gold purchase. If, at any point along the way, you have questions, we welcome your telephone call. We think you will find our low-key, no-hassle approach conducive to your making good decisions about gold ownership.

1. Develop a good sense of the role you would like gold to play in your overall portfolio. For beginners, our comprehensive online introductory information packet can be very helpful in this respect. By gaining a solid background on gold ownership, it will help you avoid costly mistakes often made by first-time gold investors.**

2. Decide how much of your overall portfolio should be committed to gold ownership. The old adage still applies: "Put 10% of your money in gold and hope you never need it." Recently, CNBC television commentator Jim Kramer strongly advocated a 20% diversification. We suggest between 10% and 30% depending upon your level of concern about the economy (after subtracting the equity in your home).

3. Match your portfolio choices to your objectives. Our two most popular portfolio inclusions at this time are contemporary gold bullion coins and historic pre-1933 gold coins (the low-premium variety that track the gold price). In fact USAGOLD's overall volume is split roughly 50%-50% between the two groupings. The ownership rationale for each is covered more thoroughly in these two booklets:

Investing in Gold Bullion Coins
Certainty in a time of economic uncertainty

Investing in Pre-1933 Gold Coins
for Asset Preservation & Profit Potential

4. Choose the right gold firm. You can probably imagine the horror stories we have heard over the years. It is surprising though how so many of these bad experiences could have been avoided with a simple background check at the Better Business Bureau or by spending a little time with the right reading material. Ultimately, your choice of a gold firm can mean the difference between success and failure as a gold owner.***

Placing Your First Order with USAGOLD-Centennial Precious Metals

1. Prepare a list of questions you would like to have answered by one of the firm's expert gold ownership consultants.

2. Contact our trading desk for current pricing and to have your questions answered.

3. Lock-in your order over the phone. It will be followed by an e-mail confirmation for your records.

4. Remit payment by wire or personal check.

5. Sit back and relax while we fulfill your order. In our 38 years as a gold firm assisting thousands of clients, we have never failed to honor an agreed-upon price or to deliver metal as ordered in a timely manner.

** If you would like a more in-depth introduction to gold ownership, order The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold. We will rush it to you by Express Mail. Contact Marie - Extension #106 - for assistance. We will reimburse the purchase price with your first order.

*** USAGOLD-Centennial Precious Metals has been awarded the Better Business Bureau's Gold Star Certificate, its highest accolade. In addition, the firm has been rated A+ by the BBB with zero consumer complaints.

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