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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Money Origami

Folding paper money (or "money origami") is my one true creative output. My best original designs include spiders, eyeglasses, sailboats, and framed portraits. I got started in high school when I learned how to make a ring out of a dollar bill. I generally make these items to leave as tips. A friend of mine keeps telling me "You should write a could make a lot of money." My slogan is: "Everyone is good at something. Me, I'm good at spending money."

As I get time, I'll enter in the steps for creating a few of them:

Boots Bow Tie Butterfly Eyeglasses

Fan Gift Box Picture Frame Ring

Sailboat Serpent
Shirt Spider Valentine Xmas

Well, this has evolved a bit. I started with a lousy B&W flatbed scanner, moved to a nice color flatbed, and now I've got access to a color digital camera. That's why these things look so different. When I get some time, I'll probably go back and fix up some of the older pages to be smaller and look nicer, but for now I'm still just adding newer ones.

Money/Dollar Bill Origami Links:

Show Me the Moneygami has some really gorgeous "moneygami". The only shame is that I haven't seen any instructions or links for instructions for any of the work collected here.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page has alot of information about origami in general, including information on books, organizations, etc. There is only a limited amount of dollar bill origami, but so much material information, there is much that could be adapted. Most of the instructions are in PDF format, with a few in JPEG or GIF format.

Dollar Bill Origami by Bob Nienhuis - this page has some original designs (butterfly, pig, rhino, catapult, Christmas tree), and some some other "classics" (peacock, elephant, Star of David). There are instructions for creating the catapult in streaming video format.

Sy's Paper Folding Page has a lot of designs, most are traditional (square paper), but a few are dollar bill based. There are some pretty wicked designs on his page. Unfortunately there are not instructions for many of them yet, but maybe if you email Sy he'll be inspired to put more of them on the web.

This one is pretty strange, but if you need a way out, the Dollar Bill Door may be just what you need.

What can I say? Check Love 22

Money/Dollar Bill Origami Book Links:

Origami Books for the Advanced Beginner has four different books that you can order for folding dollar bills. (Part of Kim's Crane Origami Supplies and Crafts site.)

Fascinating-Folds - Dollar Bill Folds lists eight books on folding dollar bills. (Part of the Fascinating Folds origami site.)

Origami Books has one book that doesn't appear to be listed at other sites: Money Folding (Origami Favorites Series). (Part of the site.)

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