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Monday, April 18, 2011

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Banks eye hi-tech facilities for blind Automatic teller machineRecently banks in many parts of the world have been a target of complaints by people that are blind or partially sighted that they do not have independent access to banking services. The vision impaired are requesting improved services for people with visual disabilities and access to all the possible banking facilities.

Accommodating the needs of the visually impaired would require an infrastructure of accessible hardware and software, in addition to special training for the blind and visually impaired people, who wish to have access rights to the various banking services. The task is difficult but not impossible, and progress has already occuring.

Special audio-enabled or voice-equipped ATMs have been designed to facilitate the blind and visually impaired users. These custom ATMs are equipped with headphone jacks to conduct transactions through audio assisted mechanism and provide listening devices to persons with visual impairments so that they can receive audio instructions for the transactions displayed on the ATM screen. Some of them have Braille numbers and large print on the keys. These specially designed ATM machines give step by step guide to the user by the human voice scripts, including the selection of the desired keys, spotting on the machine from where cash can be removed or deposited.

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