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Monday, April 18, 2011

Seeds of Their Own Destruction

All those new dollars being created by an apparently-still-panicked Fed are pushing up asset prices across the board (with housing the only exception) and pushing the dollar down to near-record lows versus other currencies. The charts look eerily like a replay of 2007, which, of course, is exactly what policymakers want. Rising asset prices, according [...]

How Inflation Violates Retiree Civil Rights

While we’re on the subject of inflation’s immorality, consider the impact of the dollar’s destruction on retirees. Citizens who work hard, save, and eventually retire with money in the bank are the bedrock of a stable society. In a rational world they would be held up as examples for the rest of us to emulate, [...]
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Why Aren’t We More Worried About Europe?

Back in February 2010, a clearly very sharp and articulate reader responded to a article on Spain’s coming sovereign debt problems with the following: Dear John, I like very much your site … but about Greece, Spain and the Eurozone you obviously have a US bias. In my opinion, you are indeed missing four [...]
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