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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The world of Finance

The world of Finance can be very confusing and frustrating. I will cover a very wide area of topics. I will also do my best to answer any questions you have! Enjoy

What are some of the most effective online marketing companies to work with?

In my experience (which may or may not apply to you, of course), I find working with search engine marketing companies a good way to start if you don’t know anything about it. I’ve had good results with Google and Yahoo Pay Per Click that was set up with under their Easy PPC program which I’ve placed a link below to for you to check out. It’s good because they’ve improved my click costs over the time I’ve been with them and I’ve had good traffic – good value for money, in my opinion.

They also have a LiveChat, which the other person was referring to which I do recommend as it’s quite easy to use as a customer – which is always important! I think they use LivePerson too – but I’m sure there’s also other companies out there who have this kind of LiveChat feature. I find you don’t always have to go with a company like ConstantContact because there are so many companies out there in these world these days – but I would definitely recommend contacting them e-newsletters through email maybe once a month or once every few months.

What is the risk of pooling in the insurance world?

Insurance rates are set on something called an actuarial table. so hypothetically let’s say that a child born in Saint Louis, usually costs $2000 in the first year of life. The actuarial table for all children born in Saint Louis costs $2000.

Insurance companies charge employers rates based on these actuarial tables. The problem with some small businesses is if they get one employee with a catastrophic illness or accident, their tables are skewed.

Risk pooling is putting all of the age/gender/medical cost information into one giant pool so that the costs can be distributed across a larger group.

Let’s use a baseball analogy. if someone is new to the major’s and gets 2 hits from his first 4 at bats, he would be batting .500. Good right? maybe just lucky? Well let’s say that over the season he only gets a hit 2 out of every 10 plate appearances. Then his average is .200, right? because he is put into a “pool” of every other major league starting player.

Same about risk pools. it levels the playing field so to speak. it eliminates unusual circumstances and puts everyone on a level playing field.

How do I get a Website on the Internet?

Create it completely by hand using HTML, the programming language used to build web pages (i.e. you could pick up some HTML knowledge through Introduction to HTML). you could also use some professional software. you could easily learn it from FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Making web site will also be fairly easy. with a good “What you see Is what you Get” software and ready-to-use content, any beginner can create a simple web site in less than a day, or even less than an hour.

You could engage a web site company/designer, who can build not only a professional-looking and functional web site but also a powerful traffic puller, to set up your initial web site and provide the maintenance. Don’t work with a company or designer who retains copyrights, whose real designs are making you dependent upon them. find someone who understands your mid-term goals to bring web site maintenance in-house. Most companies are now offering domain register, web hosting and designing of the websites as a whole package. Some of the recommended reliable sources are Exxelnet. The server is being housed in Singapore.

You could buy the web templates for your web pages. However, you will need to know how to integrate into your pages with these designs. Find out more from it will tell you how to setup a successful online business step by step regardless of your experience and background. it will also tell you what are the reason behind each step, how you could go about doing it and where you could get the necessary resources free or at a low price.Hope that it will be helpful to you.

I finished high school and plan on buying a house soon. how do I go about doing that?

Start by calling a Mortgage Agent/Broker. a Mortgage Broker rarely charges a fee, as they are paid by the lending institution. a Mortgage Specialist will walk the borrower through the application and approval process, understanding all the hidden policies that the banks have, and help to protect the borrower from making a wrong decision and ensuring that all options are made available to them. Banks will not tell you the differences between their bank and others, whereas a Mortgage Specialist has no vested interest in any one bank, and will compare the rates, products, and services of different banks, trust companies and other lending institutions to get you the best mortgage possible for your situation. Broker’s can discount the posted rates at chartered banks on any given day. this service is done almost always at no cost to the borrower. But best of all, you can also get pre-approved so you know exactly how much money you would qualify for.

Be careful. a lot of so call work at home business are actually scam.

If you are serious about earning money through Internet, I would rather you consider of setting up your own Internet business instead. The investment cost is also rather low compared to others.

There are a lot of Internet business models you could consider of (e.g. buying and selling domain names, affiliate marketing, auctions, selling digital or physical products, creating paid newsletter or websites and many more).

With a proper system setup and correct web marketing strategies, you could start to earn some passive income.

You will first need to ask yourself a few questions to decide in which direction to go to. most home based businesses involve selling a product or service. in order to do that you must get customers. The product needs to be in demand and reasonably priced. Usually there is a fee for home based businesses. Generally, these are not scams. a scam is basically a program that doesn’t work and they lie to you and take your money. Like one of the other answerer’s stated, check with the BBB online.

There is a new way to make money through your own home based business which doesn’t involve selling but does involve marketing the program. it is completely free and all your marketing tools are free as well. I place classified ads, network in groups and forums online, send email to friends or other leads etc. I joined in April and have a network of 60 people already!

The money potential is up there, but you will have to dedicate yourself to it and it will take some time to get going.

It could be a seemingly innocent phone call, letter or e-mail promising easy money. Beware — it’s almost certainly a financial scam. Meet a couple who were duped out of thousands of dollars and learn how you can avoid being a victim.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. yet that simple wisdom isn’t enough to prevent thousands of people each year from losing their life savings to con artists. Here are a few basic steps you should take to make sure that you won’t get scammed:

1. ask questions. if an offer is legitimate, the business will willingly provide information about itself. 2. Don’t commit immediately. Reputable companies will take no for an answer. 3. if you’ve been a victim of fraud, fire back. Don’t be embarrassed to file a report with authorities.

Is Cash Crate a scam?

Yeah. It’s a scam to turn decent people into scamming idiot trolls, who cover the Internet with their stupid advertisements. They’re repulsive, and if you should meet these idiots in person; shoot to kill.

Companies do not need to pay people to try their products… They need to sell their products.

The following quotes are taken from their website: “Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free?”

Why would a company (a group of individuals, collaborating to produce a product to make money) pay for you to use their product? Simple answer: they don’t.

“At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you.”Right.

So all this opportunity to make money… and instead of doing it themselves… to make all this REALLY EASY money… they want you to do it.

“Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!”

Translation: fill out an offer, then you’ll just need to get 5 other people to sign up and fill out offers – but they’re not signed up enough until you buy this reduced price item, or send a cow over the moon, or some task of equal merit.

How do I increase my websites page ranking on Yahoo and Google search engines?

This is a relatively complicated answer because it is such a large topic. However, there are two major areas search engines look at when ranking websites: page content and incoming links. Page Content: You must offer unique and specific content on your pages. The purpose of a search engine is to index and organize content. if you don’t have much content on your pages, then you are pretty much worthless to a search engine. look at what keywords people are using to find products/services you offer. Be sure to use these in your page content. Incoming Links: It is critical that you build incoming links to your website. you want to try to build links from websites that have similar topics as your own. Another great way it to purchase links from authoritative directories on the Internet. this is a great way to kick off your new website or promotion campaign. Check out this directory here:

10 free ways to get more website hits

1. Search engine optimization. Optimize your website to increase your chances of getting top rankings in natural search engine results. Research keyword phrases and use them in your website. put your phrases in your title, meta tags, intro, body, end, and link text.

2. Article writing and press releases. Submit articles and press releases related to your website and include a link to your website in the resource box at the bottom of your article.

3. Link exchanges and link directories. Exchange links with webmasters who have sites related to the topic of your website. Search for link directories where you can submit your URL for free.

4. Traffic exchanges. The idea of traffic exchanges is that you visit other sites in return for people visiting your site. Traffic Swarm is an example of a traffic exchange.

5. Blogging. Search engines tend to like blogs because of the quality content. Setup a blog related to the topic of the website and post valuable content on a regular basis. Use pinging and tagging to increase your traffic.

6. Forum Posting. Post to related forums with a signature that includes a link to your website. there are many out there. if you want to find some, just search on Google for +forum

7. Social Networking. These are sites like DirectMatches, AdLandPro, Ryze, and MySpace. find people with related interests. Make friends and invite people to your site. Post your link to your website on your profile.

8. Email Signature. put a signature in your email that includes a link to your website. you probably already send emails, so why not use that to increase traffic?

9. Word of Mouth. Tell everyone you know about your website, like friends and family. you can ask them if they would to give their opinion about your website.

10. Yahoo Answers. find questions related to the topic of your website, answer them. if you consistently do it, you can build up your reputation and attract people to your website.

What is the best way to get investors for your invention?

2. 3-5 page Executive Summary

3. Complete Business Plan

No real investor will touch you without them.

Look up the Angel Investor Network in your state and contact them. That’s a start. also, contact a local chapter of SCORE or an SBDC. They may have good contacts. They can also provide reality checks.

Investors will probably NOT sign a non-disclosure agreement. it may even turn them off. Individuals with enough money to be serious investors simply don’t.

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