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Monday, September 12, 2011

Historical Perception, Collateral Accounts and the Wealth of the World

Historical Perception, Collateral Accounts and the Wealth of the World,
Are the "Royal Families of the World" still running things?
original title before DrBubb changed it:
"Mr Whistleblower, working with OITC" says...

(request from drBubb to BHP-T.):

Please provide a summary here.
No one will read all this, unless they have some idea of what you are talking about

Is it this:
The OITC and the Royal Families of the world will eventually provide $55 Trillion to save the world from it current
worsening mess. But if our leaders choose to take it, it will come with a new global currency, and a new system
of leadership.

How do bits like this fit in ?:
1/ "If you carefully analyse our information, especially our method of introducing financial assistance to any one country, you will appreciate that the methodology and mechanisms employed by the OITC actually avoid a uni-polar system and allows for each country to gain Financial Independence from what is commonly referred to as colonialism by one or more of the so-called greater nations.

2/ "Only 2 years ago, we came across a group who referred themselves as “Knights Templar” attempting to buy Gold which was stolen out of the Philippines and Thailand. They were working with the Federal Reserve and Deutsche Bank in Germany. Another example happened quite recently with another general inquiry to us. This one we saw through quite quickly and as it turns out we are now aware of how, in part, the “Jews” control many countries in Africa, utilising such organisations as the IMF, WB, and even the UN, plus various Intelligent Agencies."


Communications between us and a person, Mr Whistleblower, working with OITC.
We are asking for comments regarding the presentation and additional info.
Our text is black, his response in bold.

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