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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indonesia first president soekarno’s gold

PROPERTY trove of relics of former president Sukarno during this remains a mystery, not even a little doubt. Case Search treasure peniggalan failure at the Palace of King Siliwangi Batutulis some time ago, seemed dashed hopes of people to believe things that are difficult to prove the truth.

But the man who calls himself a warrior named Soenuso Goroyo piningit Sukarno claimed to be able to lift First President’s legacy. Shape the form of hundreds of pieces of gold bullion, platinum, certificates of deposit guarantee bonds, and others. “This new sample and please check out the truth. If a lie, I was ready to be hanged, “he said, last Friday, told the press.

Former military members who formerly named Suwito was deliberately inviting reporters at his home, Green Housing Cullinan, Bogor, Bekasi border area, to witness the discovery. In his grand enough people prepared dishes like a celebration. Understandably, Goroyo, so he used to be addressed, also invites Jaya military commander, police chief, and members Muspida. But of them, no officials came.

To his guest, RA Lastika husband shows a large box containing hundreds of pieces of gold bullion, each weighing eight ounces of Sukarno and the picture behind it there are pictures of rice and cotton. On one side there are 80 posts 9999 24K. Meanwhile white gold (platinum) is also bearing the horseshoe-shaped white bullion marked JM Mathey London. Metal was certified gold and gold-wrapped as well.

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