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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just because you pull a 9-5 shift

, doesn't mean your sex life is doomed -- in fact, according to these working women, their lust life is scorching!

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In a recent reader survey comprised of more than 500 women, published in the article "Hot Mama" in the February/March issue of Working Mother magazine, working moms are way more into sex than you may think. In fact, survey results show working moms wish they had more sex and 75% of women rank sex as top priority.

Here are more survey results:

• More than 50% of working moms report having sex at least once a week.
• 29% -- have sex two or more times a week.
• 63% say they want more sex on a regular basis.
• 93% are still attracted to their hubbies -- at least some of the time -- and only 7% confess to having no attraction at all.
• 39% say when they do hit the sheets they're usually in the mood and totally enjoy it.
• 44% say they're usually not in the mood ... and then totally enjoy it.
• More than 70% say they spice up their sex lives with porn movies and sex toys.

"Working mothers are neither the frazzled nor frumpy stress cases that permeate media stereotypes," says Working Mother editor-in-chief Suzanne Riss. "Instead, they are interested, active and looking for ways to improve their sex lives. These findings and tips will help women everywhere reshape their lives to include more of the sex they really want as busy, working mothers."

Are you surprised working women are so invested in their sex lives? Some might say working moms have tougher schedules than their stay-at-home counterparts and have to strive harder to maintain their sex lives since lovemaking can be the first thing to slide when life gets busy. What do you think?

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