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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Secret of Sexual Desire in women's Body parts

For matters of sex, men have greater sexual desire than women. Quoted from WebMD, male sex drive can arise just by looking sexy woman.

While in women, allowing a desire for sex can be more difficult. Unlike the man who is more influenced physical factors, women paid more attention to the emotional side. Sexual intercourse is not simply to satisfy biological needs, but create a sense of intimacy and love.

Therefore, the need to 'business' more to gain sexual arousal in women. One of them with stimulation in some women of certain body parts. Anything? Check out six of them, as quoted from askmen.

1. Hair
Want to know why you ladies like to go to a salon? Quoted from thirdage, the process of washing, cutting, coloring and styling your hair can be a stressful one for women drug. When will love, get the he was also doing 'something' on your hair. Not washing your hair cream bath, but giving a soft caress on her menggelitikkan hair scalp with fingers. Fingering movements of the head to near neck, will trigger a higher sex drive.

2. Neck or Back Neck
Ancient times, Japanese people think the neck is the most attractive female body. It was still valid in modern times. Men like to stimulate a woman's sexual desire through the touch in this section. And, believe it or not, the tricks they were successful. Neck is one woman's sensitive areas. Gently caress, kiss and massage of the neck to the shoulder will make a quick passionate woman.

3. Collarbone
Some women feel sexy when wearing clothing that showed his collarbone (the front of the protruding bone below the shoulder). In bed, collar bone is also one of the most desired body parts to touch a woman partner. When will love, wear loose-fitting shirt, asked the him to open the buttons one by one from behind and after open shoulder, it's time to launch a kiss and caress the collarbone. This trick will add romance and passion before sex.

4. Rear Thigh
Touching the back of the thigh, could be a 'temptation' for women to have sex. This one body part can be interpreted as an invitation for sex. The trick, with a touch of the hand, also leads to a kiss from the thigh near the area Miss V.

5. Pelvic Bones / Groin
As foreplay, ask the him to focus on areas of sexual stimulation of the pelvic bone or your groin, but do not get hit by Miss V. Use a lip or tongue to touch the area, and you will feel different sensations that can spice up your sex life is also a partner.

6. Foot
Massage on the feet can make a woman more relaxed, especially when done by her own husband. Occasionally ask the him to massage your feet, it's not a problem. Ask the he focused massage on your toes, ankles and feet. In addition to relaxing, your sex drive will also increase. After that, you can be rewarded with a couple making love in the room.

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