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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Queensland, Australia

Reef Her Madness

Queensland, Australia - Though Scott's bid for the "Island Caretake" ended when he found out that he didn't make the Top 50 cut, he's been having fun following the progress of those that did make the short-list.

He's performed a quantitative analysis of all 50 applicants, posting the results in an interactive table that many are using to see how the applicants rank against each other.

"It was surprising to see how many didn't demonstrate any knowledge or experience about the Great Barrier Reef Islands," said Scott, "Especially as this was one of the 'key points' that Tourism Queensland claimed to be evaluating."

Something smells fishy and it's NOT the reef!

hailey turner to fly around the world to land best job in the worldHailey's Around the World Promo Tour: Australia's Hailey Turner is taking her application to the streets, by flying around the world to garner support and promote the reef! Randsco Newswire

Meanwhile, one of the applicants, a 20-year-old girl from Australia, named Hailey Turner, has

embarked on a round-the-world tour, to promote her application.

"It's mad!" said Scott, "But it's also fun and exciting!"

Kinda raises the question - What would you do to land a $150k "Dream Job"? How much time, effort and resources would you be willing to commit?

In more scandalous news, it turns out that one contestant is embroiled in a porn scandal and another received professional help from her countries top TV News station, to make her video (leaves many wondering the quality of her own material, should she be selected "Island Caretaker")

For those readers in Canada, a heads-up: Starting this week, Canada AM will be hosting a different Canadian applicant each morning (there are 7 Canadians in the Top 50). They'll showcase each applicant's video, plus have an interview with each.

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