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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minneapolis Economic Development Association (MEDA) representative obstructs Black FrLinkee Press

"MEDA: You can't guide everything your direction."

“White Privilege rules again in Minneapolis when a Black US Civil Rights director appears on the scene – had enough yet? We have.”

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS Breaking Report/December 4, 2010)..Less than an hour (11:02 a.m.) ago at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, a group of invited guests, including IBNN NEWS and the National Research Institute, MnDOT’s Mary Prescott, Met Councils Wanda Kirkpatrick and others were schedule to sit in on a meeting with USDOT Civil Rights director Camille Hazeur as she discussed a variety of items with local representatives from construction companies and board members of the National Association of Minority Contractors-UM.

At approximately 11:02 p.m. MEDA employee and NAMC board member Timothy Kennedy approached IBNN NEWS and said the following:

Tim: “Hey, you know this is a private meeting?”
Don: “I was invited by the NAMC president.”
Tim: “No, Camille wants to talk to the big-boys and I want her to feel secure.”
Don: “What are you saying?”
Tim: “You have to go.”
Don: “What about the Minnesota Open Meeting Law?”
Tim: “That doesn’t apply here. This was put on by all private funds. I probably know more about that law than you do.”

Racism, obstruction and over-all bigotry was the flavor of the day for Mr. Kennedy. If the Big Boy’s are all White contractors that Mr. Kennedy feels comfortable with, we have a huge problem in the Twin Cities.

IBNN NEWS and the National Research Institute is now officially requesting information on “what funds” were used for this “private event” that we attest falls under an invitational public meeting, which we were invited to.

These “random” violations of Civil Rights by White men in Minneapolis will not be tolerated any longer. If you want the to play with the “Big Boys,” now you have your chance.

Today at 4 p.m. on BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT Radio Show, co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen go into a detail history on MEDA.

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