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Sunday, May 29, 2011


The world economy is increasingly uncertain. Rise and fall of the stock market, petrol and food the world out of control. Many people panicked by the crisis that hit, particularly pelabur2 the loss of millions of dollars in the blink of an eye, and thousands of lost jobs pkerja. Loss of jobs means loss of living.


Today is probably the world oil price below 40 USD per barrel. The same oil sold at more than 147 USD per barrel in April. Economic Pakar2 expect oil prices will continue down to 25 USD per barrel. Malaysians are welcome decline in oil that was announced by the government. At the same time there is still demand for the fuel in Malaysia reduced further.

In 2008, the various ups and downs of entry event occurs, like the formerly happy, but now everything is almost all upside.

The fate of rubber tappers

Rising oil prices lead to rising world market prices of rubber, and rubber tappers breath due to this increase, there is a taxi driver to stop driving and facing the rubber trees in order to make a living. What is any of a rubber tappers can collect revenue exceeding RM 1000 per week. It is much more convenient than driving a taxi during the day.

Dear and unfortunate fate of the rubber tappers to my countrymen, when the income earned each month so large rubber sales, there are buying cars, there are a enlargement of a house, there was, and there is. Finally, the present price of rubber dropped, car insurance did not manage to run out again. Saving money is gone, no income cukup2 eat. These plagues and disasters, when do not know about the financial knowledge to liberate themselves from the race of life. Their lives back to the original, hand to mouth, hand to the evening meal in the evening.


When the price of oil reached 147 USD per barrel, luxury car sales declined throughout the world except in the Gulf Negara2. (Saudi Arabia, Emirate, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar). The result of the increase in global oil markets, they have many times more profit. Luxury cars bought seolah2 kanak2 games, with easy to purchase and convert a new car. Ego them in buying the car did not last long, is now a global market of oil plummeted, profits have declined ..

Gulf Negara2 now fill the stomach of oil sales to the global market. Logically, if negara2 is running out of oil, so he went back into poverty. Now, they can mendabik chest pointing ego because oil wells are still flowing, but I am not anti all the people of the Gulf, there is good and aware of the situation, but most of them are arrogant and like mendabik chest. time passed, the oil is decreasing, is certainly a more severe crisis in the future awaiting them.


Following the increase in world oil demand in April this year, Thai White Rice prices increased by up to 1080 USD per tonne. As a result of the price of rice in Malaysia rose to 37 RM to 10 kg. People panic, the government was also similar to panic. Drastic measures have been taken by the government to provide subsidy of .80 cents per kilo of rice. The first time in history the government had to issue a subsidized rice to the people, if earlier, the subsidies granted in the form of fertilizer to farmers.

Today, Thai White Rice prices have dropped to 550 USD per metric ton. The situation stabilized for the moment, there is no guarantee that the stability hrga can survive forever.


The global economic crisis saw the giant world syarikat2 mengulung down like Lehman Bro. Then followed by the announcement of losses by various companies such as AIG, Air Asia, the latest Honda recall of participation in Formula One.

A total of 250,000 Americans lost their jobs in the private sector. At the same time syarikat2 American motor giant General Motors and Ford asked for help from the White House. The amount requested is not small, but reaches 42 Billion USD. If aid is not given, the more people will lose their jobs.

Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, announced that the country will experience a reduction in revenues of 8 Billion RM next year as a result of this crisis, but many consider that this figure is accurate and will not contemplate making further increases.


Today's world, financial distress, it is an external view, however, present problems in the economic theory of truth is practiced. Defects in theory lead to problems in applying the world's population and thus bring honor some of these economic problems.

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