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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ways to Use PayPal

Shop securely with thousands of eBay sellers on or other eBay International sites. And, no matter where you’re shopping, sellers never see your financial information when you pay with PayPal. Learn more

Send and receive money from anyone with an email address in 190 markets and 17 currencies. It’s fast and easy to pay and get paid for eBay items. Send or request money

PayPal isn’t just for online buying. Whether you’re cleaning out your closet or selling goods, you can use your PayPal account to get paid instantly. It’s fast, secure, easy, and cost effective. PayPal offers free tools to help you efficiently manage your transactions including automatic tracking & reporting tools and effortless integration with eBay.

PayPal is built to protect you online with 3rd parties you don’t know. With PayPal, your financial information stays private, helping prevent fraud and identity theft. Our industry-leading technology & expert fraud teams help lower risk of claims1 and chargebacks2 behind the scenes. Plus we partner with you to reduce the burdens of online risk by providing tools and educational guides. Additionally, your eBay transactions may be covered by our buyer protections3, chargeback coverage, or unauthorised coverage.

1. A claim occurs when a buyer escalates a transaction dispute against a seller in PayPal’s Resolution Center. PayPal will review the case and decide the outcome based upon evidence collected from both parties

2. A credit card chargeback occurs when a customer asks their financial institution to remove a charge from their credit card statement. A customer may file a chargeback with their card issuer based on credit card association regulations and timeframes
3. Conditions apply. The Buyer Protection Program is subject to the terms and conditions in PayPal’s User Agreement. The PayPal service is provided by PayPal, Inc. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (available at and whether the product is appropriate for you before deciding to use it.

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