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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Top Ten Global Economic superpower

The prosperity of a country, including people like you all prosperity, always determined by the level of the country's economy. When a country has a mencorong economic level, the country was then worth entering in the category of economic superpower.

And one of the most important economic indicator to measure the prosperity of a country is the gross domestic product or GDP (in English referred to as Gross Domestic Gross or GDP). Like the food stalls, this GDP is the total output produced by these stalls, and then assessed in money. The greater the output of the food produced by the shop, then of course the greater the velocity of money generated by the owner.

GDP in other words show a country's economic size. The greater the value, it means more makmurlah country. So who is top ten in the current economic superpower? This article would like to invite us all to try to think as a global strategist.

Here are the top ten world economies based on the value of GDP (based on millions of U.S. dollars):

1. United States - 14,600,000
2. China ----- 5,800,000
3. Japan ----- 5,400,000
4. Germany ---- 3,300,000
5. France ---- 2,500,000
6. United Kingdom - 2,250,000
7. Brazil ----- 2,090,000
8. Italy ----- 2,055,000
9. Canada ---- 1,570,000
10. India ---- 1,537,000
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
18. Indonesia ----- 706.000

There are some records that will be dissected here. The first, Americans today remain an elated economy. But China continues to pursue vigorously bak shaolin warriors. In 2010, China kick Japanese position of number two of the world economy. And predicted in 2025, China will become number one. Number One. (China Civilization is far more glorious than the United States and Europe, and they really deserve to be number one in the world. Remember the old mandarin films with the temples of Ming era gallant - and we know how cool the Chinese civilization.)

Note two: Japan may be getting a wobble. In the last ten years their economies stagnated. Not backward not forward. Their demographic composition of an increasingly elderly also be a time bomb. Japan is an aging nation - an aging country. And productivity of what can be expected from the grandfather whose hair graying and looking sad? Musashi's spirit may have been dug out by Japanese citizens.

Note three: the size of the economy and GDP of a country is highly dependent also with the population. The bigger the number, size of the economy will be even greater. That is why the economy of China, India, Brazil and Russia (population average of over 100 million, such as Indonesia) will be increasingly flying in the future. Of course, if this is offset by the productivity of any population is quite high. The combination of high population with the level of productivity per resident that mak nyus, it will generate economic level who are also top markotop.

A final note: at this time, the size of Indonesia's economy was ranked 18 (as seen above). A decent performance is grateful, too. This is a sign of Indonesia's economy slowly moving toward "middle economy club" with Mexico, Turkey and South Korea.

And of course we will always remember with the prediction of Goldman Sachs, a world leading financial institution, that in 2050 - or 39 years from now - the value of GDP and the size of Indonesian economy will be in a world ranking of seventh (defeat the economic size of Germany, Britain and Japan! !).

In 2050, with a population of around 400 million, Indonesia's economy will be one rakasasa world. Economically, the nation of Indonesia will be one key player that is respected in the global arena.

For business people and practitioners of management, the map of such economic future is truly a "gold fields" is so evocative. If you are young (aged 20-something years) and have a spirit of optimism, patrikan big dreams of becoming the great future business owners.

Do not waste time thinking purely negative and pessimistic. Grab the golden opportunity. And rajutlah dream together with the growing economic giant Indonesia.

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