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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Umar Ibrahim Vadillo is advisory Dinar Emas Kelantan

Umar Ibrahim Vadillo is advisory Dinar Emas Kelantan. He is a person who sees the use of gold dinar as a solution to the global economic crisis. He has worked hard to create an economic climate that the gold dinar against a currency that is supposed to be Muslims. In fact, he has lobbied Tun Mahathir after the country's currency crisis in lye in 1997 to switch to using the gold dinar. Argument, the gold dinar currency will not only serve as the main method of payment as there is more than one billion Muslims in this world but the position of a country's economy will be more secure because of the gold dinar is a commodity that has price stability.

On August 18, 1991, he issued a fatwa loudly that paper money is illegal. Fatwa concluded that paper money is a form of debt (a promise that paid by the party out) and therefore can not be used as a means of payment. This is consistent with the definition of Imam Malik which defines money as "no generally accepted komodititi used as a means of exchange." Therefore, people have the freedom to choose any value as a commodity currency and the currency is not forced to value it.

History through carefully, the gold dinar has become the standard currency of the world, for thousands of years, until it was replaced on the dollar bills only in the early 1970's.

Dinar comes from the Latin word denarius, which is the currency used by the Roman Empire made of silver metal. It is used in the year 211 BC in which a silver denarius weight off - about 4.5 grams.

From the word denarius this, there is a variety of other currencies such as the denier (the silver currency of France), Denaro (silver currency Italy), Dinar (Islamic gold currency), Dinero (Spanish silver currency) and Dinheiro (Silver Portuguese currency) .

At the end of the Roman Republic era, the currency of gold denarius was first used to be known as the denarius denarius aureus, which means gold. Since then, growth has been the gold currency change over the period in which the reign of Constantine the Great (306-377 AD) the old currency was exchanged for gold, the currency is lighter, known as Solidus who weighed 4.5 grams.

Solidus gold currency was used until the end of the Byzantine Empire and its use has spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula until the early days of Islam. From the time of starting the development of Islam, the use of currency gold dinar and silver dirham from the Persians have used the currency of any nation when it was in the transaction.

Only in the reign of the Caliph of the Caliphs Saiyidina-3 Ummar al-Khattab (13-23 migration / 633-644 AD), the use of currency dinar and dirham first controlled in terms of style and weight. Under the reign of Caliph Ummar, the pattern of Islamic currency has been carved with the name of Allah and some of the verses of the Qur'an. The weight of this Islamic currency has also been determined that the dinar currency must contain gold weighing 1 mithqal (which weighs 25.4 grams size at present). While the dirham currency, the weight was 2975 grams of silver (current size) in which if the value of the dinar is 7 tukarannya gold dinar is equivalent to 10 dirhams of silver.

The importance of gold dinar clearly recorded in the books of Ibn Khaldun, entitled, "al-Muqaddimah." In the book, posted to the revelation of God Almighty enter the dinar and dirham, and this had a lot to do with the law, such as zakat, marriage, and hudud. That is why in God's revelation s.w.t. has clearly stated that it would remain about the size of the charity and using the dinar and dirham not the other.

Islam emphasizes the pleasure of Allah s.w.t. in each of the commission and the work done for the pleasure of Allah swt will provide benefits to the world and the hereafter. The idea of ​​returning the gold dinar is not a small matter as it is directly or indirectly, involved the question of the social system, economic, political, and, of His blessings.

In fact, the weakness of Muslims marked the end of the world began to use gold dinar. Historically, Islamic rule under the Ottoman Caliphate in Istanbul, Turkey has dihelah with the progress and development. Borrowing money to build a paper from the European countries Turkey has made the debt and paper money system with the laptop has weakened the Caliphate.

Riba is hated God and Prophet This is explained in the Qur'an that says: "And if you do not (leave the rest of offense), then know that Allah and His Messenger will fight you. And if you repent (from taking usury), you shall have your principal, you are not wrong and does not (yet) being persecuted, "(Al Baqarah: 279).

There is no doubt, the world money system based on usury and paper money has led to a lot of damage, such as poverty, environmental degradation, production and distribution monopoly. This system also causes many problems such as unemployment, crime, vice and moral decline. The system is controlled by the banking institutions, democracy and political system is not responsible for contributing to the suffering people of the world.

Ibn Abbas r.a. of Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Basheer Asakir in Kanz al-Ummal heard Allah's Messenger said, which means: "Those who follow the Antichrist is the first 70.000 Jews ... and the release of the Antichrist is a sign of the practice of usury."

Now, the gold dinar was back, and many Muslims and non-Muslims from all over the world call for the gold dinar was restored. In the midst of economic turmoil that hit today, the gold dinar be seen sparkle to restore the financial system more reasonable and steady. Many have been aware of the worst financial system and the international community have begun to seek to return freedom to choose. If democracy is being hailed around the world to be practiced in all matters, why not given the freedom to choose the dinar as the currency?

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