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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Earn Money By Just Searching

How-To Guide:

I'm always on the lookout to find ways of making a bit of extra cash on the internet and a few weeks ago i stumbled across a website that pays you to search! How awesome is that? Getting paid to do what you do online anyway.

This method is extremely easy, so easy infact that i don't even need to write a guide really!

The site pays with PayPal or Cheque and the currency is in GBP(£). This is pretty cool as i've never seen a site where GBP is the standard currency. Another great thing about this is that you lucky US people can pretty much double your earnings to get the dollar equivalent!

Interested? Go to the site and then check out the guide below.

Step 1

First you need to go to the site and sign up. This is a simple process where you just have to give them your information and they will send you a confirmation email. You need to click on the link provided in this email to activate your account.

Step 2

When you have activated your account you can now log in and begin making some money!

There are two options now. You can either use the search engine in a way similar to Google by setting it as your home page or if you use a browser such as FireFox you can install their search bar into your search engines bar.

If you didn't already install the search engine into your web browser, when you have logged in you need to click "Use My Search Funds on another computer".

This will then take you to another page where you need to click "Click here to upgrade your search box". When you click this a box will open and you have to click "Add".

Your box will obviously display your own name and not mine!

When you have clicked "Add" you are all set! It has now been installed into your search box and is ready to make you some cash! (it pays well too)

Now just select the search engine in the box!

Done...easy wasn't it?

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