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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Why is the money very important in the world ?
The rich people can tasting various facilities, how about the pour people ?
The most bank give a car as a gift to the people who have the most money.
And we can say that the people who win the gift is a rich people.
Why rich people gived money ? For What ?
Hhhhmmm, that is just one of example that the money very important in the world.
The people who have much money would be an advantage.
Yeah, We need much money to get everything that we want.
So, how if we don't have much money to buy everything that we want ?
We can only to dream if someday we can get that and absolutly we must work hard, let alone you don't have occupation yet.
You are only to dream if your parents can give you money, but how if they can't ?
How if you hadn't the heart to asking for money to your parents because every night you see your parents go home with tired face ?
And then you will know if you must to make a serious effort to achieve an aim.
Don't see the people who can get much money easily.
You must see the people who harder to get money than you.
Relaxed, someday your dreams will come true although you must waiting for a long time.

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